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This is the general analysis based on all found events until about 1800:

  • 1285-1315 In the Episcopal administration of Utrecht and rights in the ‘borg van Amstel’ (near Utrecht) there are references to various people with the name Van Dorssen/Dorsken/Dorsghen
  • 1331 the first Van Dorsten reference in Osnabrück
  • 1348 the first Van Dorst reference melding in Baerle
  • 1359-1390 Several Van Dorsten notifications in Rostock (Hanseatic City) in the Mecklenburgs Charterbook
  • 1386-1406 Trade reports of Borchard & Wessel van Dorsten in the Erbebücher of Riga
  • 1389-1478 many references of several individuals in the administration of the Holy Roman Empire
  • 1400-1600 Various clerics known as priest, parish priest, monk, nun, prior, rector in multiple locations in both archdioceses (Cologne and Utrecht)
  • 1420-1600 Until 1500 a wealthy family in Zutphen with many Van Dorstens who possessed several houses, also still different references in the period up to 1600
  • 1400-1450 Many people with the name settled in various places, particularly to the rivers (Arnhem, Nijmegen, Den Bosch, Zwolle, Deventer, Utrecht, Harderwijk)
  • 1450-1500 Much activity in Zwolle and Arnhem, also from 1482 in Kampen
  • 1500-1550 The name is widely mentioned in the acts of Kampen and vest letters in Breda (Van Dorst), but also many times in various documents and registers in Utrecht, Amersfoort and Soest. Still many called in Zutphen, Zwolle and also the first reports in Leiden.
  • 1500-1600 The wealthy family of Zutphen/Vorden continues near Amersfoort
  • 1500-1680 The wealthy family of the family tree of Neuenhaus, wealth ceases, but gets yet another sequel in Arnhem via a goldsmith in a Dutch tree
  • 1500-1750 Many reports in Kampen, a wealthy family from 1570 until 1730 (at the end a shipowner in Amsterdam), a piece named country (Dorstener Slag) and still contact with Münsterland
  • 1550-1600 Many reports in Arnhem, Amersfoort and Amsterdam
  • 1570-1610 A wealthy family in Arnhem
  • 1600-1700 Is mentioned much everywhere, eg in the various city archives of Utrecht, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Leiden, Utrecht, the Hague and Delft; Also Doetinchem, Bredevoort, Leeuwarden
  • 1620-1670 Wealthy family (silk cloth traders) in Utrecht
  • 1620-1720 Rich family tree in Dordrecht via Breda from Dorst (brewery, silk cloth trade)
  • 1630-1690 Well-to-do trade family (from bakery to shipping and wine trade) in Rotterdam
  • 1700-1800 Many records on very many locations across the country (and abroad) and of various nature

There are several wealthy families with the name of Dorsten. It seems likely that these are largely related to each other (how likely is it that there are several wealthy families – no nobility – from the wealthy Hanseatic City of Dorsten?).

In addition, a specific overview of so-called Do You Know to 1800:

  • By 1371-1381 was Dirk van Dorsten judge in Wijhe and surroundings (also Deventer, Putten)
  • By 1386-1396 was Hendrick de Dorsten the 1st magistrate of the University in Heidelberg (DL)
  • Around 1400 was Johannes van Dorsten a well-known Canon (1392 Aachen) and pastor (1400 Deurne and Bakel)
  • By 1402-1495 possessed a family the farm Groot Jymminck in Vorden (Zutphen); This farm still exists and had passed by marriage to the noble family Achtevelt/Emelair (near Amersfoort)
  • Son Willem (from a daughter in the same family married to Emelair) called himself again Van Dorsten and continued the tree in Amersfoort until the beginning of the 17th century
  • By 1402-1426 was Tyman van Dorschen Mayor & councillor in Utrecht; son Willem was a well-known writer (1426-1438) and was beheaded in 1438, father Tyman was then outlaw
  • In 1409 was Bertramus the Dursten magistrate of Dortmund (more reports in stift Cologne)
  • In 1411 was Hermannus Prekel the Dursten the Imperial notary Hermannus in Cologne
  • By 1420-1426 was Gerhard van Dursten named as rector of the Katharinenkapel (DL-NRW)
  • In 1425 was Wenemar de Dursten the Papal notary in Cologne
  • In 1443 was Burchard of Dursten clergyman of the Diocese of Cologne and writer in Basel
  • By 1420-1481 was Johannes Bauer de Dorsten professor in Erfurt, and later Augustinian monk
  • In 1450 is Johann van Dorsten prior of monastery Ellen and founder of Marienborn
  • By 1457-1482 there were two vicars in the Walburgskerk in Zutphen (Johan, Claes)
  • By 1430-1481 Aarnout van Dorsten was monk, prior and subprior of a monastery in Groningen
  • In 1535 the philosopher, literator and Canon Arnold (also brother Ernst was Canon) died in Utrecht
  • Late 16th century was Herman van Dorsten the warden of the Golden Angel in Arnhem
  • Late 16th century was Jutta of Dorsten subprioriune (Monastery) in Arnhem
  • Late 16th century there was a Joris van Dorsten Steech (path) in Vlaardingen
  • By 1520-1680 were various members of the Neuenhaus family tree Mayor in Neuenhaus (5), Nordhorn (2) and Emden. In addition, many of them were also Brewer/wine merchant; See also the specific family tree
  • In 1630 is Johan van Dorsten Canon of St Marien in Utrecht
  • In the early 17th century, a well-known poet / writer Joost Krijnen (also called Justinius Quirinus or Jacobus Cornelissen) and bookseller Balthasar Krijnen lived in various references in Amsterdam
  • In 1635 (ancestor) Johan van Dorsten was a schoolmaster in Brielle and a lieutenant of the Orange vendel Shooters; You can still visit his tombstone (photo in possession); The family became rich in trade in Rotterdam
  • The daughter of Jacob’s second wife in Bredevoort became the wife of Rembrandt van Rijn
  • Between 1600-1700 the Dordrecht family tree has produced various acquaintances, such as a lawyer at the Court of Holland, a painter (pupil of Rembrandt) and a member of the Board of Admiralty; See also the specific family tree
  • Late 17th century died Christiaan Huygens in the House of the widow Van Dorsten (Dordrecht)
  • Between 1600-1800 a piece of land near Kampen was named Dorstens Slag
  • Against 1700 was Dirck van Dursten from Kampen in a Beterhuys (for fast livers!) in Utrecht
  • Since 1700 were many in the Zwartsluis family tree skipper, barge hand, sailor or ship Carpenter (until last century); See also the specific family tree
  • Bernard Vincent Lucassen (1635), son of the ancestor, was a well-known city announcer in Bredae in the second part of the 17th century; he is often referred in acts in archives
  • By 1710-1725 Nicolaas (Claas) was Sergeant Major in Kampen
  • Around 1720 Pieter van Dorsten was a known shipowner from Kampen in Amsterdam (tombstone still there)
  • In 1743 was soldier Willem van Dorsten in Utrecht according to a statement from witnesses at the notary 30 years married, but regularly got children at another woman
  • Mid 18th century was Jacob van Dorssen in the Vreeland family tree Schout van Loenen and Canon in the Dom Church. See also the specific family tree
  • From 1750 the Leiden family tree had many bakers; See also the specific family tree
  • The pedigree from Bramsche first exists of shoemakers and later on many bakers, including the large branch to Leiden; See also the specific family
  • By 1770-1930 the Steenwijk’s family tree possessed a tannery; See also the specific family tree
  • In 1787 was Jan Willem van Dorsten onderschout in Dutch Indies
  • Around 1790 was Rudolph van Dorsten Envoy in the United States




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