Person – This option (equivalent to Advanced Search) provides a screen where you can search for people through various data. The data mentioned speak for themselves, but you can search for the content of that data in various ways. These are listed below, but not all options are possible with all data:

  • Contains, Equals, Begins with, Ends with a specific text string
  • Is filled in (contains a certain value) or Is not filled in (empty)
  • Soundex from – Any data that sounds like specified
  • Metaphone from – More extensive than Soundex, also spelling errors
  • Plus or Minus 2, 5 or 10 Years from a certain year
  • Less than (or equal to), Greater than (or equal to) a specified number

When you have completed all the desired selections, click on “Search” and all persons found who meet the search criteria will appear. Click on the person you are looking for (if found) and a screen will appear with information about this person. You arrive at the first Tab (Person) of several (possible) tabs containing various selection options to quickly travel visually through time:

  • Person contains the general information
  • Ancestry contains a graphical ancestor overview
  • Descendants contains a graphical descendant overview
  • Kinship shows the relationship between two persons
  • Timeline plots the related events on a timeline
  • Family shows the related information of the family
  • GEDCOM offers the possibility to export data 

Various tabs still offer the various sharing options (not described in detail). And there are a few more general options, such as printing and bookmarking.

Family – An access option based on the family composition. For the selection options, see the description at Person. This provides a (graphical) family map and an (informative) family sheet.

Date – Access through a selection by date of a specific or all events

Calendar – Access via a calendar overview with the events per day in a month

Location – Access via a view of all occurrences in a specific location

Mutations – A list of all genealogical mutations during the last month.




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