Family trees

The following still existing family trees are described in detail (based on place of origin):

Neuenhaus (D) – From about 1500 with still active branches in Germany, South Africa, the US and the Netherlands.

Zwartsluis (NL) – An extensive trunk since 1714, mostly in the Netherlands, but also various branches abroad.

Steenwijk (NL) – A small tribe since 1683 (originated in Dalfsen) with only one active descendant left as name bearer in the Netherlands.

Bramsche (D) – A large trunk since 1612 from Bramsche with large branches in the Netherlands and the United States.

Vechta (D, Dorsten) – This large tribe came from Vechta (Oldenburg) to Ohio, USA in 1833.

Ruhr area (D) – Two small tribes in Germany originated in the 19th century in Dinslaken and Dortmund.

Jutphaas (NL, Van Dorssen) – A large stock from 1750 in Jutphaas with many descendants in the Netherlands and abroad.

Amersfoort (NL, Van Dorssen) – Originated as Van Dorsten around 1650 in Doesburg and in the first half of the 18th century was called Van Dorssen in Amersfoort with descendants in the Netherlands and Australia.




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