Admin – Tasks

The heading Admin includes everything related to the management of the information on this website:

  • Locate, capture, monitor and disseminate all information related to this genealogy. Usually this is via the Internet (through all possible paths), but it also happens in physical archives and other sources. It concerns both BDM (Baptism, marriage and burial) data as well as all other types of entries.
  • The periodic (monthly) keep track of all mutations in specific relevant archives. This is for now in particular to the archives of GeneaKnowHow, Hogenda, Online OFB Germany, province of Overijssel and Gelderland, Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westphalia.
  • The searching of other related material, such as relevant publications, heraldic information, images and photos in relation to the family trees.
  • Get it in management of specific relevant documents, such as The chronicle about the family of Van Dorsten and the Navorscher with an article about Van Dorsten.
  • Processing of new information in its own files and relate it to the family trees.
  • Analyzing all data of the family trees to expand and connect with each other.
  • Making (or organize) of transcriptions for entries in archives.
  • The figure out of related researchers and visit them or otherwise maintain contact.
  • Managing the mail address at this site and processing the comments thereupon.
  • Creating an email address with the extension for everyone who wants to.
  • Converting all registered information (especially in Excel but also otherwise) to databases managed with Aldfear and hence the creation of Gedcom files to display on the website.
  • Managing all genealogical data and access to it via the website using TNG software (The Next Generation).
  • Managing and maintaining the website, keeping the information up to date and posting news items. All this using WordPress with the Astra theme and Elementor support.
  • Ensure that this website is a basis for others to be able to commit to genealogical research and the sharing of information.




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