Family Tree – Vechta (Minster – Ohio)


This is a family tree (Dorsten, without ‘van’) of considerable size in the United States, originated from two brothers (or cousins?) who came from Germany in 1833 (Vechta, Visbek, Emsteck area). The name Van Dorsten was also used there, origin (still) unclear.

Ancestor Analysis

The ancestor is the father or maybe brothers (Anthony and/or Wilhelm Heinrich) of two man who were born in Visbek and Emsteck in the late 18th century and had the first children in Lutten and Vechta and went to Ohio in the USA in 1833. Furthermore, there are the following starting points and observations:

  • There is probably still much to be gained here by analyzing the (Protestant) Baptism, Marriage und Death church registers of those places in Germany. This can also be done through index files of the genealogical association Oldenburg.
  • The marriage of the 1st husband was found in the church books of Visbek.
  • The birth of the second husband was found in the church books (Catholic, father was Catholic, mother Protestant) in Emstek and married in Lutten.
  • According to a report on Ancestor, Anthony had a military marriage (banns posted) on 7/24/1796 in Hanover (source not found yet).
  • In addition, this is not so far from Bramsche where a very large family tree Van Dorsten originated. So it may be a fork of that.

Further Analysis

One of the descendants in the United States has mapped this family tree completely since emigration.

Soruces and Do you know

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Actual status

You can find parts of this family tree at Ancestry (Thomas Gueth), Geni (Allen Dale Smith) and Geneanet (MilesMeyer and WendelnTB). Below is an overview of the stock series with name-bearing descendants. Under the menu option Genealogy you can find all the details of this family tree.




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