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There is already searched in many ways and places for genealogical information on all surname variations:

  • Processing of all data in the first pages of the King James Bible
  • Visited the municipal archive of Steenwijk
  • Visited the national archives in the Hague for a variety of information
  • Searched at all (only not yet Van Dorst after 1700)
  • (digital source files, also all referenced sites)
  • (many transcription files especially in the West of the Netherlands)
  • (German family data)
  • (and all underlying provincial and urban archives)
  • Many other sites, see the overview at the menu item Sources
  • Regular BDM data checked in the original certificates (cross check, at doubts)
  • Various mail changes with local, regional and national archives
  • Visited a number of descendants of other Van Dorsten family trees
  • Various mail changes with descendants in other family trees
  • Transcriptions made where they could be interesting
  • Graphic timeline and origin review
  • Relevant documentation collected (preferably in possession)
  • Relevant photo material collected (preferably digital)
  • Recording of all found BDM data (Excel)
  • Recording of all archive entries found (Excel)
  • Putting together the various family trees, both in Excel files as a graphic
  • The design, set up and fill the content of this website
  • Memberships of, NL.Geneanet.Org, MyHeritage
  • Time analysis of all BDM information (search for agreement with concurrent living people)
  • Time analysis of the Archive mentions (among themselves and with the BDM information)
  • All information processed from the UK, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand via FindMyPast
  • All CBG collections processed (family ads etc.) and stored locally
  • Via Facebook and Internet all Van Dorstens globally approached and localised in the trees
  • The first family trees are recorded from Excel in Aldfear with Gedcom export option
  • Redesigning the website with pedigree selection options via TNG and Gedcom




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