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This family tree has the name Van Dorssen, is still of a decent size and is described on the site of Piet van Dorssen on Geneanet. Together with a number of ancestors, he has done a lot of research into the origin. The tribe goes back with certainty to a marriage in 1750 in Jutphaas and had already at that moment the name Van Dorssen. Because of that, the connection is made with an old Van Dorssen tribe in Vreeland (this strain is therefore also described here), but there is no concrete evidence for that. However, there is also a reasonable chance that this comes from Utrecht (there was a well-known old Utrecht family Van Dorssen or Dorschen). But the name can also be derived from Van Dorsten (as it is for Amersfoort).

Ancestor Analysis

With regards to the current family tree from Jutphaas (now Nieuwegein) is the ancestor Cornelis van Dorssen who marries on 26 January 1750 (banns 7 January) with Alida van Ingen. It concerns a young man and young lady who both already live in Jutphaas. He died on september 29, 1808 and the death certificate states that he was about 84 years. That would mean he was born around 1724. She was born on 7 may 1717 in Jutphaas with as parents Gerrit van Ingen and Gijsbertje Spins. They are both reformed.
There are also the following starting points and observations:

  • The first son is called Gerrit and was in that time often named at the father of the woman. The next son was named Hendrik. Chances are high that this is the name of the father of Cornelis (or that would also be Gerrit, but then was regularly appointed a second son with the same name or a combination name).
  • He is from 1757 to 1782 called a number of times in deeds, usually as churchwarden or debtor.
  • Alida was 32 when she married. It’s a little bit strange that she wasn’t married before (at least not found).
  • In Jutphaas, there are no logical new born children named Cornelis in the period 1720-1729. Also not further in the province of Utrecht, there should almost be for sure the source. Maybe Cornelis was not the baptismal name.
  • In all further found births in Netherlands (related to this genealogy) of the period 1720-1729 is only one Cornelis found: a Catholic son in Breda. Very unlikely that this would be him.
  • Van Dorssen in Amersfoort is derived from Dorsten; in Utrecht also three quarters of all registered names up to 1750 with a name variance of Van Dorsten covers the name Van Dorsten (the rest mostly Van Dorssen). How likely is it that also Cornelis is a Van Dorsten?
  • The possible origin of a place in Dorssen near Vreeland / Loenen seems dubious. According to historiography, the location near Vreeland / Loenen may have existed in the 8th / 9th century. At that time, surnames were rarely used except for nobility and wealthy families. It then seems that this name has survived for many centuries in this poor environment. Moreover, the well-known Utrecht family Van Dorssen was already mentioned in the first episcopal administration of 1285-1315 and there is a good chance that this family obtained land through the bishop at Vreeland / Nigtevegt (episcopal management at the end of the 13th century) as described in the Borg van Amstel. The diocese of Utrecht was then part of the diocese of Cologne, where several clergy from Dorsten in Germany (city rights in 1251 and an important position within the diocese) came and was sometimes also called Dorssen.

Further Analysis

For what concerns the whole family tree of ancestor Cornelis is not much to analyse anymore. This is almost completely worked out by Piet van Dorssen.

Sources and Do You Know

There are a number of interesting facts about the references in the archives:

  • From 1757 the first reports of the Jutphaas family tree on Cornelis and end of the 18th century by the sons Gerrit (carpenter) and Hendrik.
  • In 1751 marries a Anthonia van Dorssen with Pieter van Nieuwenhuizen in Utrecht. Would that be Anthonia (1733)? She calls herself thereafter as mother incidentally Van Rossum and lived already in Utrecht. This could also be related to the two sisters Van Leersum (see Utrecht, Do You Know) where a cousin was named Van Rossum!
  • See further the site on Geneanet.

Actual Status

The development of this family tree is worked out in detail on Geneanet, it elaborates the best the current part after 1750 and is also maintained there.

Below is an overview of the stock series with name-bearing descendants. Further details are best viewed on the Geneanet site.




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