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This is the description of the family tree that originated from Zwartsluis, with as first fact the birth of a son in 1714 by Andries Arentsz and Geesjen Egberts. In this family there are several skippers and sailors (from the beginning) and there are large families and many branches. The family is spread all over the Netherlands and even other countries. The rumors (according to the Chronicle of the Neuenhaus family tree) in the family are that this strain is derived from the Neuenhaus family tree.

Ancestor Analysis

The ancestor is Andries Arentsz which together with Geesjen Egberts got 5 sons in the period 1714 to 1721. He died on 5 February 1762, but is for sure not born or married locally (all data from Zwartsluis is well preserved and has been searched on all possible combinations). The woman is born here in 1688. At the birth of one of the sons was a witness Hillegonda van Dorsten, which probably was a sister of Andries. There are also the following starting points and observations:

  • The rumors in the Zwartsluis branch of this family is that this strain derives from the Neuenhaus family tree, and well from Klaas (Niclaes) van Dorsten (son of Borchard). This Klaas van Dorsten is registered in 1644 in Lingen, been involved in a lawsuit there in 1650 and died 2 november 1669. In 1644, he probably got a daughter Johanna. There are several clues that substantiate this theory (see below), but so far no hard evidences.
  • An important reason for a connection between Neuenhaus and Zwartsluis is the Overijsselse Vecht. This was at that time an important trading river from the County of Bentheim (eg trade in amber, via Neuenhaus and Nordhorn) that flows in the IJssel river at Zwartsluis. This is probably also the reason for the relationship with Van Dorsten references in Zwolle, Kampen, Steenwijk, Vollenhove, Wanneperveen and Dalfsen.
  • Grandson Arent Egberts from Andries went at old age to Neuenhaus to die there. His marriage is also mentioned in Uelsen (near Neuenhaus), so it looks like his wife originates there. Also two daughters went into that direction and married there (one in Neuenhaus and one close by in Hardenberg).
  • Hendrik Arents van Dorsten is married in 1693 in Hasselt (near Zwartsluis) and remarried there in 1701; he got two daughters. This could very well be a brother of Andries Arents.
  • In 1705 is a Hilligjen Hermans van Dorsten married in Kampen, this could be witness Hillegonda. There is a decent history in Kampen with Van Dorsten, and perhaps related. Although the family there probably goes further back to the 15th century.
  • In Vollenhove (near Zwartsluis) is on april 12, 1661 the banns of Arent Herms of Dorsten with Christijna Willems van Linge (presumably Lingen near Neuenhaus). They are married with certificate elsewhere (uncredited). This would be the father, the patronymic Herms can point to Herman van Dorsten from Neuenhaus, born around 1610. In that case it would be a still unknown son, but the patronymic can also be the grandfather (happened more often).
  • There is an Arend van Dorsten from Lingen who went to Batavia in 1693. That would very well be a son of Klaas in Lingen! It also explains the sail history in the family. This could also be the same as the previous bullet. He left the service in 1694.
  • There is an Arent in Leiden (from Veldhoven) with references from 1658 to 1711 (death), seems not related.
  • What stands out is that in Zwartsluis in all the baptism books only one Burchart occurs (no common name here), the name which was widely used in Neuenhaus. This one is born in 1714 (so the same year as the first child of Andries Arents) from mother Jentje Arents {Boele} (Andries sister?) married with Albert Jans:
    • Children 1698 Jan, 1699 Jan, 1701 Magtelt, 1703 Arent, 1706 Aaltjen, 1709 Jan, 1712 Arent and 1714 Burchart
    • Most of these children were born in the outside area where also Andries lived (and close by the Van Dorstens in Wanneperveen!)
    • With these baptisms was often Annegien Arents as witness (another sister?), married with Baron Rikse Arent: Children 1709 Henrik, 1710 Henrik, 1713 Arent, 1714 Aaltjen, 1717 Arent, 1720 Jan, 1722 Kornelis, 1725 Wolter and 1728 Albert.

Further Analysis

The information is collected based on BDM data, but also from contacts with various descendants in this family tree who also do genealogical research. All information is combined, controlled and further supplemented, whereby the family tree here is more extensive than any of them individually. In addition, there are the following findings:

  • The Egbert Andries of 1714 is also called Egbert from East India. The same applies to his son Roelof Egberts from 1750. In the Dutch East India Company Administration is, however, in no way (patronymic, origin, etc.) anything related found! It could be explained if Arent from Lingen is the father (because he sailed with the VOC to the East Indies).
  • There is a Andries van Dorsen with Lijsbeth Jacobs who get a son Andries in Amsterdam (1717), family?
  • Egbert van Dorsten (1897) from Meppel left on november 16, 1926 to America (New Jersey) where still exists a branch. The same for descendants from Roelof (1879) living in Ontario.
  • Descendants of Andries (1869) have emigrated to Canada-Alberta where the branch still exists.
  • And then there’s a decent branch originated in New Zealand with descendants of Roelof (1866).

Sources and Do You Know

There are some interesting facts about the references in the archives:

  • In 1730 an Andries and Hendrik from Nijmegen went with the Dutch East India Company (Hendrik was under 17 yrs). Andries is really a name from this family tree, but can’t be found back. However it could be Andries Arents.
  • There is a limited number of references related to the Zwartsluis family tree. Not so special, the only interesting and special one is Claas asking for reduction of sentence for his sister Aaltje end 18th century.
  • Lambertus (1840) from Zwolle was first Constable in Veenhuizen and later captain in the Merchant Navy. He had at the 100-year anniversary still 5 living children, 13 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Seven years earlier he had his 70-year-old wedding celebrated. A grandson was murdered in Dutch India on Ceram (1935).
  • Klaaske van Dorsten (1908) from Meppel was 107 years old upon her death in 2015!
  • Klaas van Dorsten (1923) from Meppel has been awarded the Medal of Freedom and The Kings Commandation for brave conduct with the Silver Laurel as resistance fighter in WW2. He refused, however, the Resistance commemorative cross (‘Verzetsherdenkingskruis’).

Actual Status

You can find large parts of the Zwartsluis family tree on MyHeritage, however there is more information available than shown there:

Below is an overview of the stock series with name-bearing descendants. There are especially many different and large branches in the Netherlands, a large branch in New Zealand, two branches in Canada, one branch in the United States and descendants in Finland and Russia. Under the menu option Genealogy you can find all the details of this family tree.




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