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Various attempts have been made to find all living Van Dorstens anywhere in the world. Various media have been used for this. Most of them were approached via social media: a friend request was sent to everyone (where possible) via Facebook. People were approached in a targeted manner via Facebook chat. A large part of them have also accepted this. The strangers were approached by last name via LinkedIn and Instagram was also used.

Furthermore, Van Dorstens was searched for anywhere in the world via the Internet and, if unknown, they were also approached (if possible) and questioned. In this way there has been contact with many descendants in the various pedigrees and all pedigrees have been mapped out as extensively as possible. The vast majority of descendants live in the Netherlands, but there are also many in the United States and considerable branches in Germany, Canada and New Zealand. And then some separate mentions in other countries.

Everyone who responded was asked about their origin and in this way most branches are completed. In addition, a complete list of all Van Dorstens in the telephone directory of the Netherlands from 1998 and 2018 is available. This has also been analyzed and an attempt has been made to find out where all the persons on the list belong (here are a number of blind spots). In principle, all (still) existing and surviving family trees are known, but theoretically there could still be a small unknown branch somewhere.

The Facebook page of the administrator is only used to connect all these Van Dorstens and for family tree related information.




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