Background – Website Design


Each page contains the following ELEMENTS:

  • A menu bar (see details below) with language switch (Dutch, German, English)
  • A sidebar with Search (database & website), Login (database & website) and events today
  • Footer columns with shortcuts to family trees, website pages and contact options
  • A copyright bar with links to the privacy & cookies policy and terms and conditions
  • By default you come to the Homepage and via the menu or click through you come to other pages

The following options give ACCESS to the PEDIGREE data:

  • The menu option Family Trees provides a description and analysis of the family tree
  • The menu option Genealogy provides various search and selection options in the data
  • The menu option Overviews gives different kinds of overviews of the genealogical data
  • The sidebar provides quick access:
    • Search the genealogical information
    • Login to access recent data
    • Calendar with today’s events

The MENU contains the following options and sub-options:

Homepage (Welcome and Introduction)

Background (Overview and Notes)

  • Family Tree Structure – A description about how all the information has been collected and processed
  • Website Design – A description about the design and structure of this website (Sitemap)
  • Spelling Name – An exploination about the use of the name and all possible alternatives
  • Origin Name – The description of the history of the origin locations and the surrounding region
  • Spread of the Name – An analysis on how and where the name has been distributed
  • Context History – Important events which had impact on the spread of the name

Family Trees (Overview and description of the different still existing family trees)

  • Neuenhaus – Van Dorsten which started about 1500 in Neuenhaus (D) with different branches all over the world
  • Zwartsluis – Van Dorsten which started in 1714 at Zwartsluis (NL) and became very sizeable
  • Steenwijk – Van Dorsten started in 1683 at Dalfsen (NL), went at 1745 to Steenwijk and has just one branch left
  • Bramsche – Van Dorsten which started at 1612 in Bramsche (D) and proceeded in Leiden (NL) and Ohio (USA)
  • Ruhr Area – Two small Van Dorsten family trees derived from Dinslaken and Dortmund just before 1900
  • Vechta – Dorsten which started at about 1800 at Vechta (D) and went in 1833 to Ohio (USA)
  • Jutphaas – Van Dorssen which started at 1750 in Jutphaas (NL, Utrecht)
  • Amersfoort – Van Dorssen started as Van Dorsten at about 1650 in Doesburg (NL) and went in 1672 to Amersfoort

Extinct (Overview and description of all trees, branches and loose ends without name bearing descendants)

  • Dordrecht – An extinct wealthy tree (origin Dorst in NL at Breda); also a still existing Van Dorsser family tree
  • North East Netherlands – The provinces of Friesland, Groningen, Drenthe, Overijssel and Gelderland
  • Central Netherlands – The province of Utrecht (including Utrecht city with a lot of name history)
  • West Netherlands – The provincies of Noord Holland and Zuid Holland (with Amsterdam and Rotterdam)
  • South Netherlands – The provinces of Noord Brabant, Zeeland and Limburg
  • Outside Netherlands – Mostly Germany (Lower Saxony & North Rhine Westphalia), Belgium and the USA

Genealogy (Access in different ways to all available genealogical data)

  • Person – Various search options based on a person’s data
  • Family – Ability to search based on a family
  • Date – All events happened on a specific date
  • Calendar – Calendar overview with all occurrences of an event per day
  • Location – Overview of all places where ancestors lived
  • Updates – All changes in the data from the last month

Overviews (Various lists, statistic overviews and reports based on the genealogical data)

  • First Names – All used first names with statistics
  • Surnames – All used surnames with statistics
  • Family Trees – Statistic information about the family trees
  • Branches – Statistic information about the identified branches
  • Statistics – Various other statistic information
  • Reports – Self defined reports

Sources (Overview and Notes)

  • Introduction – An overview of all kind of genealogical sources & archives and how to use
  • Analysis – Generic analysis of all the source information and interesting specific facts and knowabouts
  • Internet – Categorised comprehensive overview of all the used internet sites
  • Heraldry – The found information regarding family arms and related info
  • Media – An overview of available relevant documents, photos, videos and sound clips
  • References – Selection options for all entries (especially before 1811: introduction of the Civil Registry)

Actual (Information from and about living descendants and about developments in family trees and website)

  • News – An overview of news with respect to Family Tree, Website, Persons, Companies and Activities
  • Persons – Information with regards to living descendants and how contacts are maintained
  • Companies – An overview of all found companies with a descendant as (shared) owner
  • Activities – An overview of family events for one of the family trees
  • Calendar – A calendar with events from living descendants
  • Location – An overview of the location where descendants are living

Site Management (All information regarding site maintenance and genealogical updates)

  • Taken – An overview of all maintenance task
  • Webmaster – Short introduction of the webmaster
  • History – Notes about the history of the genealogical investigation and website development
  • Acknowledgments – Special thanks to a list of people supporting this genealogy
  • Done – A list of already executed activities for the genealogy investigation
  • To Do – A list of possible activities for the near future




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