All trees and branches in the English-speaking countries worked out

The last weeks all data from has been analysed and processed with as result various new twigs and branches at various family trees in the English-speaking countries:

  • Neuenhaus – descendants of Anthonie (1834) found in the UK (Kensington-London).
  • Neuenhaus – there are two other small twigs found, Anton Cornelis Jozinus (1870) in California/Alabama and Jacobus (1878) in North Carolina, both with living descendants in the US.
  • Zwartsluis – Egbert van Dorsten (1897) from Meppel left on november 16, 1926 to America – New Jersey with still an existing branch. This also applies for descendants of Roelof (1879) in Ontaria.
  • Zwartsluis – descendants of Andries (1869) have emigrated to Canada-Alberta where the branch still exists.
  • Zwartsluis – there’s a decent branch originated in New Zealand with descendants of Roelof (1866).
  • Leiden – the grandson of ancestor Barent, Hermanus Bernardus (1766), who went to America has created a big branch with many descendants that originated in Stark – Ohio.
  • Abroad – the tribe that originated from Oldenburg in Germany and settled in Minster (Auglaize) in Ohio has delivered a large tribe with the name Dorsten (so without ‘van’).
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