The intention for the long term is to provide access to a database with all available found persons, both in the various family trees as also loose persons, and in relation to BDM data and archive entries. Despite all this information is captured in Excel Sheets. Planning for the future is to put it in a specific genealogical database, maybe Aldfear.

In that case, only historical information will be accessible as defined by privacy legislation. Perhaps it will be possible to login (with restrictions) to access also current information. For specific search options on archive references there will be a submenu option available at Archives.

Currently, you can find already an historical overview of the various people under the family tree (usually up to about 1900) and references to pedigrees in sites such as MyHeritage family tree program. But what currently is available in Excel, is more extensive and with more additions than all those other overviews.

For specific questions please now contact the administrator.