In the field of Heraldry there are a number of issues known and present.

  • The city of Dorsten performs a large cross of Saber on a field of silver.
  • The family of Dordrecht claimed 3 Silver Abba crosses on a shield of Sabre.
  • The Neuenhaus genus claimed 3 grave crosses of Sable on a field of silver. The family later replaced the grave crosses by currycombs in the same color, presumably because the grave crosses (Steinkreuze) were them too gloomy. This was done by Derck van Dorsten.
  • The old genus dating from Utrecht Van Dorssen conducted a weapon with a shield of gold with 3 poles.
  • There is also a seal ring available (http://www.zegelring.info/zegelring/dorsten), origin unknown.

Van Dorsten