To Do

The challenge of genealogy is that the more you find, the more questions this raises again! Therefore, the list of potential new information will only grow, even if you can strike others:

  • Monthly tracking of mutations and new transcriptions of BDM and Archives:
    • & HoGenDa
    • the archives of Overijssel & Gelderland
    • the archives of OFB-Online (German local archives)
    • the archives of Lower Saxony (Dorsten 106 {-1811}, Dursten 4)
    • the archives of North Rhine Westphalia (104 {-1811}, Dursten 0)
    • other archives where relevant
  • Processing all Van Dorst in the archives of WieWasWie from Breda after 1700
    • Also on Van Dorst (especially in Riethoven)
    • Van Dorst maybe not after 1811 (too much)
  • More information about Edel, Wiarda and Jung:
    • Die Van Dorsten, eine Familiengeschichte, “Der Grafschafter”, Edel, 7-7-1922
    • Stammbaum des Geschlechts Van Dorsten, Manuscript, Jung
    • Ahnentafel der Edith van Dorsten, Manuscript, 1977, Jung
  • Supplements in already searched local, regional and national archives
  • Other BDM subsequent digitisations
  • Various transcriptions of graphics on the World Wide Web can still give more info
  • The register of the fraternity founded in 1350 due to the plague Beatae Mariae Virginis in Dorsten is for several centuries the most comprehensive name index
  • Transcriptions of writings regarding Zutphen (1350-1550, golden age, with family descriptions), Dorsten (1200-1500), Utrecht (1200-1600), Breda/Dordrecht (1400-1700)
  • Training Old Scripture to make good transcriptions
  • DNA analysis of male family with family names Van Dorsten, Van Dorssen
  • Transcriptions of old archives of Zwolle / Overijssel (found a lot in indices, but no originals yet)
  • Meppel on patronymics before 1700 (particularly for the Wanneperveen tree)
  • German BDM data (outside Online-OFB), especially Bramsche, Münster, Dinslaken, Moers, etc.
  • Transcriptions of acts in German Archives (Bentheim, Münster, family archive Lembeck, etc.)
  • Create Database (Aldfear?) and make it accessible through the site
  • Digitize Zwolle baptism data before 1710 (C done upto 1655)
Van Dorsten