The first action on figuring out the family tree was around 1985. Based on information from the family and the municipality-archive of Steenwijk, the family tree was soon on main features selected until just before 1750, where the ancestor in Steenwijk was married and got children. It also appears that the name not so much occurs in The Netherlands, on the basis of the phone book, there were almost 100 all over The Netherlands. The knowledge was kept in hand-written note pads and with a scheme made on a great paper.

Around 2000 there was showing interest and was a report about Van Dorsten ordered from a genealogical Office for a few dozen euros. This was a fairly incoherent list of occurences of Van Dorsten in the last three hundred years and an address list of people with that name at the end of the last century in The Netherlands. The preserved handwritten information was retrieved in Excel sheets and Word documents and neater and more structured saved. It was mainly DTB (Baptism, Marriage, Burried) information from the own family tree. However, the report and further investigation yielded not so much on and figuring out remained another year or ten.

Starting from 2012 it is again picked up and since then it remained active (to very active). In addition, almost all details of the own family tree (Steenwijk) were supplemented and also an earlier ancestor was found in Dalfsen (provisional is the oldest found fact a marriage in 1683). Since then the search became very intensively via Internet. It turned out that there is an old (goes back to 1490) and large tribe from Neuenhaus (just over the border in the County of Bentheim) has been created and that there already have been the necessary publications. ‘ Die Chronik der family van Dorsten ‘ from ‘ Dr. Siegfried Wiarda und Paul Jung ‘ is in the meantime got hold (2012). On this basis, a first draft could be created in Excel and later supplemented, in which all found information was combined and checked as far as possible.

Then there was ever an article on the family name of Dorsten to have appeared in an edition of the genealogical magazine the Navorscher, which appeared from mid-19th century to mid-20th century. In the meantime, I got all volumes on DVD. Found from this that there has been an important tree from Dordrecht and that there were trees from Leiden and Zwartsluis. Of the latter was known that that one existed (near Steenwijk). The item in the Navorscher was from Arie van der Marel, who married a daughter from the Neuenhaus family. He has also been engaged in family tree research and his booklet with notes is kept in the national archives in the Hague. Also of this is in the meantime a copy in possession.

In the period 2016-2017 was the quest strongly intensified and systematic and structured Internet was searched bottom-up on the basis of the digital source files (www.geneaknowhow.net, including Belgium, Lower Saxony and North Rhine Westphalia). This resulted in many thousands of entries. Also, the National Archives (such as Archieven.nl and WieWasWie.nl), all provincial archives and archives of large cities and specific regions were digitally searched. I visited a few more times my aunt (around 90 and the last of her generation) to acquire the existing knowledge about the family when she was young and the own family tree of Steenwijk on MyHeritage.nl (membership). With the subscription you can also find relationships in other family trees by a match function.

In april 2017 has started to set up the website for the benefit of all genealogical information regarding the name of Dorsten and related names. This is done with help from an expert in WordPress. The site is 3 bilingual (Dutch, English, German), but initially only the Dutch variant worked out (with the exception of some general pages that immediately trilingual are worked out). After that first one year long a comprehensive analysis has been executed in which all found names before 1750 in DTB records and archives are compared among themselves and to see where links were. In the winter of 2018-2019 a comprehensive update of all pages occur and also all three language are worked out now. The contents of all pages is fed from a Word document (three different ones for the three languages) and can thereby immediately as a backup and as a book been classified.

Van Dorsten