Within this menu option the background of the genealogy regarding the family name has been described:

  • Family Tree – Explanation of how the material for the different Family trees has been collected and how this has been processed.
  • Website – Description of design and set up of this website and menu structure with per menu option the different sub options.
  • Notation – For the origin of the name Van Dorsten (and related names) are different ancestry possibilities. In the past there were no hard regulations.
  • Origin – An extensive description about the history of the most relevant origins. The origin and development until the time that the trees left.
  • Spread – The possible reasons for distribution of the name in the past (1200-2000) has been explained (as far can be known now).
  • Context – The historical context of the residences from the ancestors  has been described with the events, resulting in possible migrations.

Below the city where most probably the genealogies all started: Dorsten.