The references are registered on the basis of a region as already indicated in the legend. Today, those regions (within a country) are not so important anymore, but in the past it used to be. Also, most archives are still associated with that region format. The region now gives the County within the the Netherlands, Germany (may be split in the future to states if more is found) and Belgium. In addition, there are the some entries in the Dutch East Indies (often via the Dutch East India Company), Latvia (Riga, formerly a major Hanseatic City) and the United States. Maybe there will be more countries in the future.

The main regions where information was found before 1811 regarding the genealogy, are:

  • Overijssel – Logically, because it’s the origin of the Zwartsluis, Steenwijk and Neuenhaus family tree (the last one just across the border fell within the sphere of influence of this province)
  • Gelderland – In this province are already many old references, especially in the former Hanseatic cities, garrison towns and by the location near the place Dorsten. In Zutphen was a decent family tree, but also in Arnhem and Nijmegen are many reports.
  • Utrecht – Here are many references to various loose trees and in addition to the Neuenhaus family tree and all from very old times. In addition, there are references to Dorsten and Dorssen and regularly both names are used in both cases.
  • Zuid Holland – This province has many references, often related to the well-known Leiden and Dordrecht trees, but also to the then Rotterdam family tree and loose references.
  • Germany (Lower Saxony and NRW) – In Germany the number of references is still limited and one can expect more occurrences of Van Dorsten in new transcriptions.

In Noord Brabant are also pretty much references. Almost everything in the West of Noord Brabant (mainly Breda) refers to Van Dorst, but in the East of the province, there are also quite a number of (old) references to Van Dorsten.

The monthly track of new digital updates in the archives is therefore mainly focused on these regions. Here are the most important (new) references to expect that can contribute to the famous family trees (especially the family trees that are currently also still exist).

Van Dorsten