This menu option describes from which kind of archives all the information has been collected and what that has been delivered. Where the DTB data (Baptisms, Marriage, Burial) as much as possible is processed in the different family trees, are all other references (to someone or something with the name) processed in a file containing all these data, with where possible a link to a family tree.

For a complete overview of all the scanned archives, you need to look at the menu option Sources. There is also described how these have been processed. Under Site Management can be found when and how this happened. In general you can say that the archives are mainly searched until about 1811 (introduction of the civil registry in Netherlands), in order to better determine the family trees. For the last 200 years many additional archive material can be found, but that was not necessary to determine the family trees.

As a result of this, many events have been found for a name that cannot directly be linked to a family tree. But these are interesting to determine the general history of the name. In the timeline at the top of the home page of the site, you can see the History Context (from the outside) that could be interesting to determine which archives are interesting, and a bar with Events (from the genealogy) showing the main conclusions of the analysis on the found references.

The component Archives consists of a number of options with the following content:

  • Overview – Description about the kind of scanned archives, how this has been done and what this has been delivered and still can deliver.
  • Legend – The legend indicates ho wand with what kind of information the found references have been recorded.
  • Region – This section describes the importance of a region and how the related credentials are registered and used.
  • Analysis – The analysis describes what on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of all found references can be concluded.
  • DoYouKnow – A list of interesting specific facts found in the analysis of references.
  • References – The ability to see a list or specific elements of all references.
Van Dorsten