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Website Genealogy Van Dorsten completely updated

The website with all the genealogical information of the name Van Dorsten (name variations Van Dorssen, Van Dorst, Van Dorsser) is fully updated. The site is now published in Dutch, English and German. All of the menu items are drawn up on the basis of global information. All comments and additional information are particularly welcome.

Jutphaas/Vreeland and Utrecht updated

The family trees of Jutphaas (Vreeland) and Utrecht are updated and published in Dutch, English and German. Only the family trees regarding Other West (Holland), Other South and Other Abroad still need to be updated. For the rest the site is now completely up to date. The plan is to complete this before 1 April.

Site mostly updated

The whole site is almost completely updated. It’s now also published in English and German. Except Family Tree all menu options have been fully replaced. For the Family Tree options the general page has been created. The different family trees (submenu options) will be developed in the next months.

Sources published

Also the menu item sources has been fully created and published. There are now two parts remaining to update and also to publish in English and German. In the coming weeks (until mid-January) the component Archives will be completely renewed. After that the last item family tree will be done. That last item will take …

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Latest Updates

The last weeks are the Homepage, News, Contact, Site Mgt and Background  complete updated or created in English. The next month the Sources will be updated and created in English.

This website will be completely updated in the next year

The website will be completely updated from Nov 2018 until Apr 2019 including the English and German versions based on the extensive investigations and analysis of last year. The homepage, background (generic) and contact are already updated. Please follow the news for the new updates.

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