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Global inventarisation all Van Dorstens

All Van Dorstens globally have been inventoried based on Facebook. It contains totally 367 registrations (165 Zwartsluis, 132 Bramsche/Leiden, 30 Neuenhaus, 13 Java, 3 Steenwijk, 15 other, 9 unknown). The family trees of Bramsche/Leiden and Zwartsluis are almost completely detailed. Later this year the website will be completely updated and structured based on still existing …

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Personal News

With a few descendants all over the world (Netherlands, Germany, Finland, South Africa, USA) is already contact, especially genealogical researchers. Intention is to use this site in the future also for contactmedium for everybody with the name Van Dorsten, Van Dorssen and Van Dorst. So for that reason all responses are very welcome!

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